Yihua 982 İstasyonlu Havya (Bir adet havya ucu ile birlikte gönderilir.)

140,00 USD + KDV
İndirimli Fiyat (%10,7) :
125,00 USD + KDV
Kazancınız 15,00 USD
Kredi Kartı Tek Çekim:
5.125,73 TL
907,83 TL'den başlayan taksit seçenekleri için tıklayın.
Aynı Gün Kargo
Input voltage AC 110~240V, 50~60Hz
Rate power 40W (210 Handpiece)
Handle 210
Temperature range 90~450 ? / 194~842 ?
Main unit dimensions L147*W143*H106±5mm
Ambient temperature 0~40 ? / 32~104 ?
Display LCD
Tip-To-Ground resistance < 2 Ohms
Inner box size 20.8*19.8*12.8 cm
Master carton size 43*41*52.5 cm
Unit weight 1.2 kg/PCS
CTN weight 20 kg/CTN


1. In only 3 seconds, the soldering station can heat up to 380?.
2. Easy to disassemble and install heating element.
3. The soldering station features functions up to 5, one Hotkey to Operate.
4. Fahrenheit/Celsius can be easily switched to meet different market demands.

5. Four Programmable Presets Available
You can preset temperature in each memory channel for different needs. When soldering, you can quickly select the suitable preset temperature settings in CH1/CH2/CH3/CH4 according to different soldering applications.

6. Digital Temperature Correction Function
When temperature deviation happens because of environmental impact or replacing the spare parts such as heating element, soldering iron, you can use this function to correct.

7. Sleep Mode
When the soldering iron is placed back into the holder, and if the set temperature higher than 200?/392?, the iron will enter sleep mode, and cool to 200?/392?. If the set temperature is below 200?/392?, it will remain unchanged. You can pick up the soldering iron to wake the station. This extends the lifespan of the heating element, conserves energy, and protects the environment.

8. Automatic Shut-Down
When the soldering iron enters sleep mode and not be picked up within approximately 30minutes, the soldering station will automatically shut off, you can pick up the soldering iron to restart the soldering station. This prevents leaving the station ON unsupervised, or forgetting to turn OFF the station.

9. Buzzer Prompt
The soldering iron has built-in buzzer to remind.

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