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Newest, advanced ESD Soldering station with a 150 W heating power. Designed for professional soldering electronic components using lead-free solders. This Quick soldering station has a new design LCD display and many advanced features.




  • Resistance type heating, rapid heating in 2 seconds, sufficient heat amount.
  • Integrated design of soldering tip and heater, sensitive feedback and precise temperature control, more convenient maintenance.
  • LCD, digital temperature calibration, three-channel temperature storage.
  • Intelligent sleep/shutdown function, energy saving and safety, prolong the life time of the tip, heater etc.
  • Use high heat-resistant silicon cable and accessories, safe to use.
  • Anti-hit and anti-solder splash design of new soldering iron holder with cleaning brass, no damage to soldering tip.
  • Power 150W
  • Display type LCD
  • Operating voltage 220V   AC
  • Temperature range 100~450?
  • Tip to ground resistance ?2Ω
  • Tip to ground potential ?2mV
  • Outer dimensions 137*168*114(mm)
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