QianLi L256 Termal Kamera

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QianLi L256 iStele Dual-spectral Thermal Camera Short Circuit Thermometer for Motherboard Repair
  • L256 iStele dual-spectral thermal camera, dual camera imaging, quick leakage check scout, make repair of leakage devices easier more accurate, and more portable
  • Dual camera imaging, seckill leakage, one-key quick check leakage, precise locate defects
  • Flexible, foldable, portable, and space-saving, foldable compact dual camera imaging
  • Configure Type-C cable, simply connect to your computer and install the software to use
  • Powerful functions as the QianLi Super Cam series, dual mode switching, strengthened edges, visible light overlay, single visible light, single thermal imaging
  • Newly added dual mode switching, visible light overlay, strengthened edges singles, visible light, single thermal imaging, and iterative function icons are easier to understand
  • Quickly and accurately the location of high-temperature components, real-time HD display defects details. The precise location of dual-camera imaging makes leakage points nowhere to escape
  • Quickly locates abnormal temperature points through real-time temperature, and carefully troubleshoots defects by adjusting the temperature range
  • If the temperature exceeds the setting temperature, there will be a red frame flash and sound from the computer. Use the "High TEMP Tracing" function to track the highest temperature point of the whole image, and mark the temperature value
  • Professional mode for product evaluation and thermal distribution analysis, such as circuit board thermal structure design rationality analysis, product heat dissipation efficiency design, etc.
  • Optimize the thermal distribution design, comparative verification of defects and work differences, regional temperature recording curve comparison, overlay comparison, etc
  • In the case of a weak current leakage or interference sources nearby, if the leakage component cannot be directly located by the leakage quick check function, you may change the image contrast by adjusting the temperature range to locate the leakage component

  • Resolution: 256*192
  • Wavelength Range: 8~14μm
  • Field of View Angle: 56° * 42°
  • Visible Light Resolution: 400W
  • Stand Size: 61.8*59.5*156.6mm
  • Installation: Integrated
  • Input Voltage: 5V DC
  • Power Consumption: <250mw
  • Display Mode: Strengthen edges, visible light overlay, single visible light, single thermal imaging
  • Interface Type: Type-C
  • Picture Storage Format: JPG(640×480)
  • Video Storage Format: MP4
  • Temperature Measurement Function: Full-scale Temperature Measurement
  • Temperature Measurement Distance: 2mm~∞ (Note: lens height from desktop 130mm)
  • Temperature Measurement Accuracy: ±5?/±5%
  • Accurate Temperature Measurement Range: 0?~120?
  • Storage Temperature Range: -15?~+60?
  • Humidity: 95% Relative Humidity
  • Application Function: One-key quick check, high and low-temperature tracking, partial area temperature measurement Partial magnification, comparative analysis, capture, video

Package includes:
  • 1 x Thermal Camera
  • 1 x Cable

qianli l256-istele-dual-spectral-thermal-camera-short-circuit-thermometer-for-motherboard-repair-1
qianli l256-istele-dual-spectral-thermal-camera-short-circuit-thermometer-for-motherboard-repair-2
qianli l256-istele-dual-spectral-thermal-camera-short-circuit-thermometer-for-motherboard-repair-3
qianli l256-istele-dual-spectral-thermal-camera-short-circuit-thermometer-for-motherboard-repair-4
qianli l256-istele-dual-spectral-thermal-camera-short-circuit-thermometer-for-motherboard-repair-5
qianli l256-istele-dual-spectral-thermal-camera-short-circuit-thermometer-for-motherboard-repair-6
qianli l256-istele-dual-spectral-thermal-camera-short-circuit-thermometer-for-motherboard-repair-7
qianli l256-istele-dual-spectral-thermal-camera-short-circuit-thermometer-for-motherboard-repair-8
qianli l256-istele-dual-spectral-thermal-camera-short-circuit-thermometer-for-motherboard-repair-9
qianli l256-istele-dual-spectral-thermal-camera-short-circuit-thermometer-for-motherboard-repair-10
qianli l256-istele-dual-spectral-thermal-camera-short-circuit-thermometer-for-motherboard-repair-11
qianli l256-istele-dual-spectral-thermal-camera-short-circuit-thermometer-for-motherboard-repair-12
qianli l256-istele-dual-spectral-thermal-camera-short-circuit-thermometer-for-motherboard-repair-13
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