Mechanic Tornado One Oca Dramel

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Mechanic Tornado One Adjustable Aluminum Alloy Electric OCA Glue Remover for Mobile Phone Repair
  • Can extend and replace the stainless steel needle with an adhesive roll, all-metal aluminum alloy body material, grip control is more convenient, customized high gauge stable motor, has a built-in 2200mAh 18650 battery
  • The operation button is straightforward enough, and the all-new Action button is a fast track to the desired gear, a 3-speed cycle, one button forward and reverse
  • Performance skyrocketed, strong torque customized the motor according to the glue removal requirements, for the sake of practical use of materials, strong stability, long service life
  • It can be more suitable for different usage situations, adjusting different torques to meet demand, and producing handmade products for the industry
  • Long endurance
  • One screen is used up, built in 2200mAh 18650 high-performance lithium battery, with strong power, the battery life is still long-lasting and durable, enough for you to use from morning to night
  • Same core coaxial, the glue rolling needle is made of stainless steel material, high precision lathe processing, the glue needle is so stable, with a straight and smooth surface, and truly achieves the goal of not damaging the screen with glue rolling
  • The product uses a USB-C interface for charging, universal market various mobile phone USB port chargers, it also supports USB-C port chargers, making product charging more convenient

Package includes:
  • 1 x Glue Remover
  • 1 x Roll Glue Needle
  • 3 x Fixing Screw

mechanic tornado-one-adjustable-aluminum-alloy-electric-oca-glue-remover-for-mobile-phone-repair-9
mechanic tornado-one-adjustable-aluminum-alloy-electric-oca-glue-remover-for-mobile-phone-repair-1
mechanic tornado-one-adjustable-aluminum-alloy-electric-oca-glue-remover-for-mobile-phone-repair-2
mechanic tornado-one-adjustable-aluminum-alloy-electric-oca-glue-remover-for-mobile-phone-repair-3
mechanic tornado-one-adjustable-aluminum-alloy-electric-oca-glue-remover-for-mobile-phone-repair-4
mechanic tornado-one-adjustable-aluminum-alloy-electric-oca-glue-remover-for-mobile-phone-repair-5
mechanic tornado-one-adjustable-aluminum-alloy-electric-oca-glue-remover-for-mobile-phone-repair-6
mechanic tornado-one-adjustable-aluminum-alloy-electric-oca-glue-remover-for-mobile-phone-repair-7
mechanic tornado-one-adjustable-aluminum-alloy-electric-oca-glue-remover-for-mobile-phone-repair-8
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