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The SM745NTP-B is a 7X-45X continuous-zoom trinocular stereo microscope head with a simul-focal photo port. The simul-focal port allows the use of a camera while simultaneously using both eyepieces. This is ideal for systems that require a constant video feed or frequent snapshots. The photo port can be adjusted to help ensure that the camera and eyepieces are all properly focused. With our unmatched lineup of cameras, a wide range of solutions are available, including HDMI video, computer-based imaging and measurements, time-lapse capture, and wi-fi or LAN networking.

The microscope’s high-quality optics produce stunning contrast and accurate colors with a viewing area of up to 28.6mm. The 6.4:1 parfocal zoom range provides magnifications up to 45X while maintaining a 4" (100mm) working distance. A new zoom-lock feature can be used to maintain constant magnification while performing measurements.

Interchangeable eyepieces and auxiliary lenses can increase the magnification up to 225X. Rotating interpupillary adjusters provide a custom fit for each user. The included eyepieces have integrated diopters to ensure sharp focus for users with certain vision impairments. Comfort is further enhanced by the 45° viewing angle, as well as high-eyepoint eyepieces which accommodate glasses and goggles.

The SM745NTP-B is designed to be mounted to 76mm collars. It can be used with a wide range of stands, including our SAW, DAW, and BBB boom-stands, as well as various table stands and articulating arms.


  • Erect stereoscopic viewing with 7X-45X continuous-zoom magnification
  • Simul-focal trinocular photo port for adding an imaging system
  • 30mm widefield 10X eyepieces with 20mm field-number
  • Sharp, high-contrast images with accurate color
  • Large 4" (100mm) working distance can be increased with optional Barlow lenses
  • 45° incline and accurate alignment ensure fatigue-free viewing



Microscope Head
Head Type Simul-focal Trinocular
Optical System Greenough stereoscopic
Ocular Incline 45°
Interpupillary Adjustment Compensation-free gemel, 54-76mm
Ocular-port Diameter 30mm
Dioptric Adjustment
Eyepieces 10X FN20mm wide-field, high-eyepoint, integrated diopter
Objective Lenses 0.7X-4.5X zoom
Objective Numerical Aperture 0.065 @ 4.5X
0.02 @ 0.7X
Objective Resolution 195 lp/mm @ 4.5X
60 lp/mm @ 0.7X
Native Field-of-View 4.4mm-28.6mm
Working Distance 4" (100mm)
Photo-port CX-type slide-adjustable 23mm photo-tube
50:50 simul-focal

Packing List:

  • One Trinocular Stereo Zoom Simul-Focal Head
  • One Pair of SUPER Widefield 10X Focusable Eyepieces
  • One Photo Port
  • One Hex Wrench
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