Aixun T420D İstasyonlu Havya (Toplam 2 Adet Tutamak 6 Adet Uç ile Gelmektedir.) ( 3 Adet C210 , 3 Adet C115 Uç )

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T420D 200W Dual Channel Electronics Soldering Station With T245/T210/T115 Handle

• T420D  supports T245, T210 and T115 three handles. 2 cradles with 2 channels work together.

• Compatible with JBC tips, 100% matching with the temp rising rate and temp control accuracy.

• 400W peak power, quick heating to 380? in 2 seconds.

• AC pure isolation, anti interference and static.

• Professional ring transformer provides sufficient power.

• Smart identification system helps monitor the status of handles.

• Suitable for soldeing large parts as well as high precision components.  




Product Name

T420D Dual Channel Smart Soldering Station

Rated Power


Peak Power 






Temperature Range


Net Weight

4406 g



AiXun T420D dual channel smart soldering station is compatible with T210, T245, T115 three handles, which satisfy different soldering needs. It heats up swiftly, only take 1 second to heat to 350?, help save time and energy. It's stable and intelligent in temperature control, temperature acccuracy deviation is less than 1%. Two handles can work together, it's convenient and can improve working efficiency. The anti interference and anti static design meet the industry ESD standard. The big HD liquid crystal dispaly provides better visual experience, temperature can be recognizes at a glance. It's a necessory repair solder tools for mobile repair and maintenance. 


List of Packing:

  • 1x T420D 200Watts station
  • 2x Cradle with tip cleaning sponge
  • 2x Cable hanger stainless steel supports
  • 1x T210 Handle ve C210-K030 - C210-I010 - C210-S020 uç ile
  • 1x T115 Handle ve C115-I010 - C115-K030 - C115-S010 uç ile
  • gelmektedir.


Packing Details:

1set/box, 6boxes/carton

Box dimension: 303*258*193mm

Carton dimension: 580*313*594mm

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