Aixun T3B İstasyonlu Havya (T210 El Tutamağı Ve Aixun C210 Serisi Uç İle Birlikte Gönderilir.)

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Aynı Gün Kargo
T3B 96W Micro Soldering Station With T210, T115 Handle for DIY Hobbyists

• 2.4 inch large color screen visual experience, 3 shortcuts for temperature setting

• Intelligent temperature control, rapid heating up and heat conduction, more precise temperature control

• Four working models including [work model], [standby model], [eco model] and [rest screen model]

• Strong anti-static design, meet industrial ESD design, high efficiency and energy saving

• Support software upgrade through PC, enjoy functions upgrade permanently

• Delicate and exquisite, 2 optional soldering handles




Product Name

T3B Intelligent Soldering Station

Rated Power


Output Voltage

DC 12V

Current Range


Temperature Range


Net Weight

640 g





AiXun T3B 96W smart micro soldering station supports T210 and T115 handles, which is specially designed for nano and precise components soldering. It adapts the most advanced and intelligent temperature control system which enables the temperature heating to 380? only in 2 seconds, and the temp accuracy deviation is less than 1%. The 2.4 inch large LCD liquid crystal color display can help operators find the current working status and temperature easily. Its temperature can be adjusted from 100-450?, and the strong anti static design meet the industrial ESD standard. Remote software upgrade is the unique feature that all AiXun products own. It is a rework welding station for electronic accessories maintenance.


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