Aixun Multi-Channel Fast Charger (PF26)

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Aixun PF26 260W USB QC 3.0 Intelligent Digital Display Multi-channel Fast Charger
  • PF26 intelligent multi-channel fast charger, strong power, and multiple ports, intelligent and energy-saving, compatible with various fast charging protocols, humanized design
  • Strong power and multiple ports, the peak power for a single port can achieve 65W, 260W strong power, 4 channels and 8 ports, flexible and fast charging, achieve fully charged status rapidly, easy and quick
  • Powerful fast charging, safe and quick, compatible with various fast charging protocols, detects and recognizes various fast charging protocols automatically: PPS/PD/QC/AFC/FCP/SCP/PE/SFCP
  • Intelligent and energy-saving, built-in with automatic standby function, reduce energy consumption, prolong the service life of the device, standby time setting: Minimum is 1 minute, maximum is 60 minutes
  • Detail highlights the spirit of ingenuity, digital display, curve display, adjust font color and screen brightness at will, improve user experience
  • Connect AiXun platform, monitor the current-voltage curve in real-time, users can choose to view the current and voltage status of channel 1 or channel 2/3/4 according to their needs, or select any one set of data to save and upload it to the Cloud
  • 1/4-inch BSP thread hole, standard bottom design, adapts to various brackets easily, supports universal fixture (users need to purchase it by themselves)
  • Connect PF26 to the AiXun platform and the multi-channel fast charger software will be updated automatically, upgrade your multi-channel fast charging function continuously
  • Product parameter, PF26 intelligent multi-channel fast charger, fully enjoy the intelligent fast charging experience

  • Product name: PF26 Intelligent Multi-channel Fast Charger
  • Display type: 3.5 inch IPS
  • Communication way: Type-C cable
  • Input voltage: 24V
  • Size: 102*78*7mm
  • Fast charging protocols: PPS/PD/QC/AFC/FCP/SCP/PE/SFCP
  • Max fast charge power: Max 65W of each channel for single port/Max 30W of each channel for simultaneous dual port output

Package includes:
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Power Cable

aixun pf26-260w-usb-qc-30-intelligent-digital-display-multi-channel-fast-charger-1
aixun pf26-260w-usb-qc-30-intelligent-digital-display-multi-channel-fast-charger-2
aixun pf26-260w-usb-qc-30-intelligent-digital-display-multi-channel-fast-charger-3
aixun pf26-260w-usb-qc-30-intelligent-digital-display-multi-channel-fast-charger-6
aixun pf26-260w-usb-qc-30-intelligent-digital-display-multi-channel-fast-charger-5
aixun pf26-260w-usb-qc-30-intelligent-digital-display-multi-channel-fast-charger-4
aixun pf26-260w-usb-qc-30-intelligent-digital-display-multi-channel-fast-charger-9
aixun pf26-260w-usb-qc-30-intelligent-digital-display-multi-channel-fast-charger-7
aixun pf26-260w-usb-qc-30-intelligent-digital-display-multi-channel-fast-charger-10
aixun pf26-260w-usb-qc-30-intelligent-digital-display-multi-channel-fast-charger-8
aixun pf26-260w-usb-qc-30-intelligent-digital-display-multi-channel-fast-charger-11
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